Hearing Loss Support Information

Clarity in Communication was born out of my personal difficulties navigating the world during Covid-19. Now everyone is covering their mouths with facemasks, I quickly became aware of how little awareness there is around people who lip read and wanted to do what I could to help others in the same position. Read More…


Living with Hearing Loss have been working hard trying to inform local shops, restaurants, cafes and high street businesses of the impact of masks on the hearing loss community and making sure all customer faced businesses recognise your needs and advertise themselves as lip reading friendly.

Visit the full list of our Friends to find out where already recognises the exemption card and is are doing what they can to make your day easier and more inclusive in the new normal. 

Our Friends recognise

  • The government supported exemption cards
  • Know to social distance and lower their masks if possible
  • Use clear masks
  • Ensure they face you while talking to you
  • Move your conversation to a quieter location if possible
  • Have a notepad and pen available should you wish you use it


Access the Government approved exemption card here,  to make sure people around you understand your needs.


You are not alone, and sometimes we all need reminding of that.  Join our community and the conversation by reading their experiences.


Visit our Get Involved page to see how you can help make a difference to everyone in our community.

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