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Lipspeaker UK is Britain’s only specialist provider of Lipspeakers, supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing people to access communication. As an award-winning agency, we pride ourselves on putting our clients first and as we are managed by deaf people, for deaf people, our team all have lived experience of accessing communication using language service professionals.

A Lipspeaker is a hearing person trained to repeat a speaker’s message to lipreaders accurately, without using their voice. They clearly produce the shape of words, the flow, rhythm and phrasing of natural speech and repeat the stress as used by the speaker. The Lipspeaker also uses facial expression, natural gesture and fingerspelling (if requested) to aid the Lipreader’s understanding.  A Lipspeaker may be asked to use their voice thus enabling the lipreader to benefit from any residual hearing.

Lipspeakers are frequently used by those who are deafened or hard-of-hearing, and prefer to use English as their first language. Our services are used across several areas to remove barriers to work, education, and public services.

For those who have never used a Lipspeaker before, you can head to our website to see our Lipspeaker Library – a resource that allows you to see Lipspeakers and Lipspeakers With Sign in action.

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We’re not limited to supplying Lipspeakers. We also supply: BSL Interpreters, Speech to Text

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