The holster is a silicone holder for all PINKNOISE jewellery. It is a new innovation by Deafmetal for those who are using hearing aids/Cochlear Implants : with the holster you can transform your hearing device into jewellery.

How do I use the holster?

Your holster can be adjusted around every BTE (Behind The Ear) device and Cochlear Implant processors which circuit is under 2 cm. It’s made of 600% flexible and hypoallergenic silicon. The Holster is easy to take off/put on after changing/charging the batteries.


Height of the holster in its longer side is 0,925 inch (23,5 mm) and on the shorter side 0,118 inch (3 mm).
Circumference is 0,86 inch (22 mm) and inner diameter is 0,27 inch (7 mm) and it stretches up to 600%.
You cannot wear PINKNOISE without the holster.


*Postage and Packaging is Free when selected with an item of jewellery


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