Living with Hearing Loss & Deafness . A guide to owning it and loving it. by Samantha Baines

Publisher’s Synopsis
‘Highly informative, told with warmth and humour’ – Adam Kay, author of This is Going to Hurt

‘Heartfelt and hilarious – deaf awareness beautifully told through Sam’s unique voice’ – Laura Whitmore

‘This book is important’ – Mark Atkinson, CEO of the Royal National Institute for Deaf People

‘Samantha is a strong and powerful woman who talks so openly about her life and about being a part of the deaf community. To have someone who wants to help and wants to make a difference is so important and Sam is that person.’ – Gaby Roslin

This is an all-you-need-to-know book about hearing loss and deafness, including facts, experiences and words of wisdom from experts at the RNID, audiologists, deaf activists and people who use and teach sign language. Having been on her own deaf journey, Samantha Baines has met wonderful, interesting, courageous people of all ages who also happen to be deaf. In this book, alongside the experts, she weaves together their insights and advice and, importantly, teaches those of us who aren’t deaf, what it is like for those who are. Along the way, she looks at:

* The first signs of hearing loss
* What is tinnitus?
* What to expect at a hearing test
* Will I lose my job?
* Am I disabled?
* What are hearing aids and why do you need them?
* Deaf dating
* Lipreading
* What is sign language?
* What not to say to someone with hearing loss
* And much more…

‘This is the book I wish I could have bought when the audiologist told me I needed a hearing aid, and I hope it can help you understand this new world you are stepping into. Welcome to the deaf club.’ Samantha Baines


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