Please welcome Pinknoise Collaborator and CEO & Founder of Bijoux de Mimi; Amelia Hitchcock- Merritt

Can you introduce yourself to our lovely readers Amelia? 

I’m the CEO & founder of the jewellery brand Bijoux De Mimi, specialising in 14k gold-plated colourful huggie hoops, cuffs and chains. I launched Bijoux in 2021 when I was 18 years old in the middle of lockdown, with £400 of my savings and have been lucky enough to have experienced rapid growth, including being the highly commended emerging brand of the year in 2021 & nominated for young entrepreneur of the year in 2022. Since then my brand has been stocked all over the world, in Wolf and Badger, urban outfitters, soon Asos and lots of other well-known boutiques. 

What inspired you to start this collaboration?

As a family friend of Amy, she kindly reached out to me to introduce me to the concept of Jenni’s jewellery and how it would be amazing to create my colourful style in her wonderful hearing-aid-friendly concept. I was very much intrigued by the idea and really wanted to get involved in making my audience more inclusive. We started chatting and after a few meetings & understanding Jenni’s product, I proposed some pre-manufactured colourful designs to Amy & Jenni and we went ahead with the manufacturing. Before deciding on the campaign name & details! I can’t take credit for the inspiration as it was Amy’s great idea to match Jenni & I up, but it was definitely an inspiring one to be part of! 

What has been your favourite part of the collaboration? 

I found designing & manufacturing the product that I do so regularly in a different way SO interesting. How such a tiny change can accommodate and include so many more people with the right equipment (aka Jenni’s holster!) Of course, being able to open my brand’s arms to being both accessible & useful to those with hearing aids and cochlear implants is super rewarding and I absolutely love seeing all of our customers in the jewellery. Seeing the pieces come through the doors of bijoux hq was FABULOUS and unboxing them was amazing. On top of this, getting together with Amy and Jenni for the shoot was a very fun day! In December I sent Tasha a Pinknoise gifting and she kindly posted the products (very rare for an unpaid influencer!) so to know she loves them and can share them with her audience is so wonderful. 

 What have you learnt about the deaf community?

Since doing the collaboration Amy/Living With Hearing Loss it has really educated me into being so much more open-minded towards the hearing loss community. I think I’m much more of a considerate person day-to-day and even subconsciously make sure I’m speaking clearly, looking directly at the person regardless of who it is, just in case. I also had no idea the variety of hearing loss there is and it’s so much more complicated than just deaf & not deaf. We always ensure auto-subtitles are turned on our social media which we have never done before, and I feel naive to have not thought about that! Not only this but also how amazing a physical hearing device is as a product, how many different ones they are and how they work! I feel so lucky to have an understanding of the community, thank you, Amy!

What do you hope for Pink noise?

Our goal behind Pinknoise together was to be a part of ending the stigma behind hearing devices and to allow our customers to feel included with or without a hearing aid. Not only this but it also adds some colour to Jenni’s audience, and includes more people in mine! I think we’ve done a fabulous job at doing this and absolutely love seeing all of our tags and mentions on social media of people proudly showing off their hearing aids. On top of this having the Pinknoise collection available in Bijoux Pop-Ups made me really proud when people came in to ask to buy the collection, having never heard of hearing-aid jewellery before. I hope that by including a hearing-aid-friendly collection we’re doing our part to continue to end the stigma, just by having it as a tab on our website I feel our hearing customers normalise having a hearing aid and our customers with hearing loss feel included within the branding fashion community as they should and always should have!

Thank you so much Amelia for sharing your experience with us and for the beautiful Jewellery that makes Pinknoise so Special ! I feel very grateful to of been part of this collaboration.




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