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Looking beautiful while making noise.

What is PinkNoise?

PinkNoise is a jewellery line, specialising in Hearing Aid friendly jewellery. With the aim to be seen and heard, creating beauty with a bigger purpose. PinkNoise is a thoughtful and inclusive range of jewellery, equipping the Deaf community with a new, vibrant way to style their hearing aids and cochlear implants, whilst bringing individuality to the device’s function.

Hearing aid jewellery

What is the aim of PinkNoise?

The aim of PinkNoise is to eradicate the stigma around hearing aids by closing some of society’s separations, by encouraging its customers to feel empowered whilst wearing their jewellery. This is why PinkNoise will be available to buy via Living with Hearing loss, Bijoux De Mimi and Deafmetal .

We will be bringing the jewellery (and the conversation) of the Deaf community and the Hearing community together to create a positive message and raise awareness within the Hearing community.

With each piece sold here at Living with Hearing loss, the funds will go towards supporting the mission of raising awareness for the D/deaf community.

Living With Hearing Loss is a non-profit organisation that provides support to the community, UK deaf charities and offers helpful resources for both the Deaf community, as well as the outer society. 

pink noise founders

Where did PinkNoise come from?

It is actually an organic, simple story, of three women coming together to create something truly special and starts with an introduction from Amy Morton, founder of Living with Hearing Loss, to the founders of Deafmetal and Bijoux De Mimi.

Believing that something truly magical can happen when people work together, Amy connected with Bijoux De Mimi, an incredible, vibrant jewellery brand that has created, designed and manufactured the line (by Amelia Hitchcock-Merritt) and Deafmetal, a jewellery brand already specialising in hearing-aid friendly jewellery and it’s function. Who created and manufactured the hearing aid’s jewellery Holster (which is founded by Jenni Ahtiainen).

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“I wanted to support an existing brand that has already pioneered this area and support a stunning jewellery range in an exciting market. Both amazing women have achieved so much and in bringing them together they’ve been able to combine the use of the existing Deafmetal Holster, which acts as a safety chain, as well as a base for wearers to accessories with Bijoux De Mimi’s trending colourful jewellery.

With the Sales from the upcoming online Living with Hearing Loss shop the profits will go towards supporting Living With Hearing Loss, together, we are able to spread the message of Pink Noise and Raise fantastic Awareness for the Deaf community.”

Amy – Living with hearing loss CIC

Photographs by Lily Craigen

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