Pink Noise Interview with Amy Morton the Founder of Living with hearing loss

I interviewed Jenni and Amelia from Pinknoise and so it only seemed right for them to interview me! After all, interviewing yourself would be strange right?!

So here we go..

Interview of Amy Morton & Pinknoise.

You are wonderfully passionate about spreading the word about living with hearing loss. How did it all start – I am searching for the moment of clarity when you decided to start all this, where and when?

Spreading the word of Living with hearing loss came from a long time of silence and coping mechanisms which had served me well up until the pandemic. That’s when I started to be more open and honest about how living with hearing loss affects my life. I had wanted to be more open about it since becoming a mum 11 years ago, nothing like being made more accountable for your actions than having a little one looking up to me for Guidance on how to navigate life. Life with hearing loss can be challenging but it’s made more challenging due to society’s attitudes and lack of awareness.

You were the one who put us all together and then Pink Noise was born. When you got the idea, were you certain it was going to happen or was there some kind of unsecure feelings underneath it all?

I had no idea that this would take off the way it did and that both designers would be interested in doing this collaboration – absolutely no idea! it was a leap of good faith and turned out they both loved the idea, we all clicked really well, and it moved very fast!

You seem to be the most empathetic, kindest, loveliest and the most warm hearted person I have ever met. Do you ever have shitty moments when you just ”lose it”, even for a moment – if so, what causes it?

Ha ha, speak to my husband! I’m sure he can tell you that I have shitty moments! I get pretty upset when I see unfairness, and unkindness come into play, but I have learnt over the years that anger does not help one situation and that being more understanding compassionate, and forgiving is the only way we can create a better world. I prefer to live life in the high vibrations and when I do have shitty moments I try to deal with them without projecting my frustrations out to others I find talking to my husband, good friends or going for a walk and heading to the gym helps.

What knowledge, insights, or new skills have you gained from the PN collaboration? What’s been your biggest personal growth from the experience?

I have learnt so much about being involved with pink noise. The biggest thing for me is seeing a jewellery campaign come to life, witnessing and having the huge honour of being involved in the whole process was very special. It was all extremely new to me, however this collaboration in lots of ways was new to us all. I learnt so much watching from the side-lines – what a privilege and experience !

What is your favourite design from the Pinknoise collection?

They are all beautiful, but I think it must be the Pink/gold droplet hoop & chain that is my favourite if I was to have one! I love to team it up with other jewellery plus I currently have gold sparkly ear moulds which set it off nicely.

How did you feel when the Pinknoise collection went live?

Magical and proud! It was such a privilege to support and collaborate with Jenni and Amelia in creating Pinknoise the purpose was to create something positive for our deaf community after what has been a very tough time during the pandemic, I wanted to create some joy for the deaf community plus help towards the eradication of the stigma that can be associated with hearing aids and cochlear implants we also now have a beautiful product stocked on our website that could create some income for LWHL to enable us to keep doing what we are doing!  

Thank you so much for interviewing me Amelia, Jenni, Hermienke and Amy ( our Pinknoise model) ! Reader, I hope you have enjoyed reading a bit more about each of our involvement in the Pinknoise hearing aid Jewellery campaign !

The jewellery collection is available to purchase on our webshop so please do head along to check it out, with each purchase sold from the Living with hearing loss web-shop, the profit goes towards the running cost of the website and towards the growth of living with hearing loss, helping it to provide more support and resources to our d/Deaf community .

Thank you to everyone’s support so far !

with love



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