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Welcome to our Living with Hearing Loss & Motherhood Support group page.

This support group is currently run by Amy Morton the founder of Living with Hearing loss. Amy is a Mother of two and after setting up LWHL (Living with Hearing Loss ) she has always wanted to set up a special place amongst support groups just for mothers.

‘When I had my first born I was very much in the hearing world navigating my deafness and was out of touch with resources that were available to me I also felt a sense of isolation at times with the challenges I was met being a mum who had a moderate to severe hearing loss in both ears.’

I am very much hoping that this group will provide a space of support and connection for mothers who live with any type of deafness. I hope to offer a friendly support group for mothers who have hearing loss/Deafness.

So please do come and join us , we cant wait to e-meet you ! 💖

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