Carly Sygrove – Supporting People with Hearing Loss Through Coaching

I first met the lovely Carly Sygrove a few years ago when I was raising awareness towards the challenges faced during the pandemic with mask wearing. Carly was also trying to help as many people she could by sharing her Sudden Hearing loss story in the hope it would help someone feels less isolated. We are a support to each other and to our communities.

Fast Forward a few years. Carly is now a qualified Transformational coach! and has written a little introduction blog of what she’s now very excitedly launching today !

“I am so thankful for you Carly Sygrove! and excited for our deaf community to have this support should we need it x “

Carly Sygrove – Supporting People with Hearing Loss Through Coaching

Looking back on my experience of sudden sensorineural hearing loss (SSNHL) 6 years ago, I now realise it was life-changing. It wasn’t until I lost all the hearing in my left ear, that I realised what a huge part my hearing played in the way I interacted with the world. 

Alone in the Experience

After my initial treatment for SSNHL to try and regain my lost hearing, and meeting with an audiologist to determine my hearing aid options, I had come to the end of the road of my treatment plan. I was abruptly left alone to grieve my hearing loss, learn to accept it, and figure out a way forward. In fact, nobody mentioned to me what an emotional rollercoaster lay ahead. 

An Emotional Journey

My sudden hearing loss came as a shock, and the emotional impact was huge. I felt angry at my body for failing me and lost a lot of self-confidence. I experienced sadness, isolation, and exhaustion from missed words in conversations that used to be so easy to follow.

A month or so later, someone I had briefly connected with online, who was also living with hearing loss, gave me some advice. They told me that—like any other loss—I would need to grieve my lost hearing with the attention it deserved. This advice proved crucial in helping me address the emotional impact of my loss. I gave myself permission to feel my emotions and allowed myself to grieve.

It wasn’t until I had fully accepted my hearing loss that I could move forward with my life. 

Becoming a Hearing Health Advocate

I became passionate about raising awareness of the emotional impact of hearing loss on everyday life. I started writing a blog to document my experience of living with single-sided deafness and to share my thoughts and feelings. 

I started connecting with people through my blog and began to realise I was no longer alone in my experience—there were others out there, also trying to move forwards positively with their hearing loss. 

I created a Facebook support group, a place for people with all types of hearing loss to share their stories, ask each other questions, and offer support and advice to each other. It was so wonderful to watch this supportive community grow.

I heard from people all over the world who were dealing with the emotional impact of hearing loss and struggling to move forward with their lives. 

I identified a need for personalised service to support people on their hearing loss journeys, so I decided to do something about it by becoming a Transformational Coach. 

Becoming a Transformational Coach

Transformational coaching is a conversation and relationship that explores your personal beliefs, values, behaviours, and purpose. It focuses on moving forwards, setting goals, and working towards achieving them.

I trained with the Animas Centre for Coaching, which is fully accredited by the International Coaching Federation(ICF), the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), and the Association for Coaching (AC). And, in June 2022, I was awarded my diploma in Transformational Coaching. 

Now, armed with a toolkit of coaching skills and techniques, I aim to help people, just like me, with hearing health issues, make exciting changes in their lives!

How Can I Help?

My mission is to help people affected by hearing loss, by giving them the tools to empower themselves, move forward positively, achieve their goals, and live a life they are proud of. 

I offer support by providing a non-judgmental, unbiased space to explore your thoughts and feelings. I ask questions to better understand your current situation and to challenge anything that may be getting in the way of you creating the life changes you desire. 

All my sessions are virtual, meaning I can support people from across the globe. Sessions take place via Zoom (with a live transcript of the conversation) or Email, which is completely text-based, giving you time to think and respond.

Through reflection and discussion, I can help to open up the pathway to realizing your goals! 

Who Do I Coach?

I coach anyone affected by hearing loss or hearing health conditions such as tinnitus, noise sensitivities, and balance disorders. As someone who has first-hand experience of these issues, I have a unique insight into the challenges they can bring to everyday life. 

My clients include those directly affected by hearing loss and also their loved ones and colleagues.

This service is both for people who have experienced a relatively new hearing loss and those who may have been living with hearing loss for longer, and who would like to work on achieving their goals or making life changes.

What Can I Help With?

I support my clients to make positive changes in areas of their lives such as the following:

  • How to be your own advocate 
  • Overcoming feelings of low confidence and/or isolation
  • How to enable effective communication with partners, friends, family, and colleagues
  • Changing careers
  • Limiting beliefs (that little negative voice in your head that holds you back from accepting great opportunities) related to your hearing loss
  • Supporting a family member, friend, or colleague with their hearing loss
  • Moving forward positively with your hearing loss

And, so much more!

Would You Like a Free Consultation?

I am now open for business!

I am offering all potential clients a free 30-minute consultation with no obligation. In this session, I explain what coaching is and learn about your goals or subjects you’d like to explore.

If you feel you might benefit from some coaching sessions to help you on your hearing loss journey, I’d love to set up a Zoom call (with captions enabled)!

Check out my website and contact me for more information or to schedule your free coaching consultation!:

Link to my website: 

I look forward to supporting many people in moving forward positively with their hearing loss.

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