Can Bears Ski?

Last Sunday Me and my family went to see the production of Can Bears Ski at the Town Hall theatre in Hemel Hempstead, aimed at families both Deaf and Hearing. I went with my husband who has a hearing loss in his left ear and both my children who are hearing. The show was as wonderful as I had expected and the cast and production team put so much thought and detail into the performance and translation of the book, so much so at the end, it made me quite emotional.

Slight spoiler alert !

I will try not to spoil it for you but if you have read the book you will know at the end Daddy Bear tells Little Bear that he is going to do everything he can to support him by learning sign language and supporting him with facing him and understanding his needs. It is such a special production, I think many need to see, it generated so much conversation within my family and friends.

It made me think about my own experience and we spoke with friends in the audience who as well were also deaf and born into a hearing family. We spoke about how our parents felt about the choices they made back then, there were mentions of guilt and thoughts of how they would do it differently now. We reflected on how different things are and how grateful we are that the world is so much more open to learning and being better.

Its uplifting and positive and tells a beautiful story that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

My son aged 9 said “I have learnt some signs mummy; look I am sad! I am happy! “

My daughter aged 11 mentioned in the car as we pulled off “Mummy I want to learn sign language now” …Shes excited to know she can learn this for her GCSE!, this is the magic of the show and the fabulous cast that made Raymond Antrobus’s beautiful book come to life onstage.

If you would like to watch Can Bears Ski? I would most definitely recommend it but get your skates on lovelies as the show is only on till the 25th of February.

written by Amy Morton Founder of Living with hearing loss, Amy has Severe Deafness in both ears and uses lipreading and hearing aids to manage her daily life.

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